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Death Claim Investigation

The life insurance business is directly associated with the death of an individual & fraudsters use it as an opportunity to make benefit from this but our investigation firm is unique as we have members that are trained and well-versed in both insurance claims investigations and death investigations. This means we are able to not only investigate an individual’s insurance claim but we can also work with you to determine the legitimacy of the death claim

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Life Insurance Investigation

In Life Insurance, there are both types of claims such as Accidental Deaths and Natural Deaths. Investigation in Life Insurance is required when there is an early death claim as a doubtful case. We find out the proximate cause of death and as Insurance is not for monetary benefit by an event occurring but for the mishappening suddenly occurring in life, we handle it with more dedication & effort.

Health Insurance Claims

Health Insurance is another sector of Insurance that gives benefits of insurance to the insured itself. Unlike Life Insurance where the benefit of the policy is made available to the beneficiaries and not to the insured him/her self but in Health insurance the benefits covered under the policy is made available to the insured him/her self based on the sum insured covered. Health Insurance Claim Settlement is the process of claiming your health insurance policy benefits from the insurance company. When you buy health insurance, it comes with a cover in the form of a sum insured. The sum insured is utilized to provide financial aid in case of emergency/accidental hospitalization/medical treatment costs.


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